How long have you been vegan for?
I’ve been vegan for one year now! I was vegetarian for one and a half years before transitioning to vegan.

What foods do I eat?
I eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables also including lots of legumes, grains and seeds. I eat rice, bread and pasta occasionally but am working on staying away from starchy, processed carbs and foods.

Do I take any supplements?
I take a B-12 tablet every morning from the company Swisse. They are vegan tablets and a carbon neutral company. I also take natural supplements such as barely grass powder and calcium and B-12 fortified nut-based milks.

What vegan products do you use?
I use a natural, vegan deodorant from Hippy Pits and my shampoo, conditioner and body wash are from Truly Organic. I love both of these companies so much for their ethical sourced and vegan products.
I have curly hair that needs taming quite often and for this I use Mr Dandys Hair Candy and R&B Hair care products from Lush.
I use Red Seal tooth paste paired with Naturalus Tooth Powders and once a week I use a natural charcoal powder from Bianco Smile.
I use coconut oil as my moiturizer on my hair, face and body.
My make is nearly all from Australis and Chi Chi

What other social media platforms are you on?
You can follow me on:

Instagram @brighteyedsig

YouTube BrightEyedSig