Hard on the Heart

The Fam-Bam, Thoughts from a Traveller

Hello reader,

This past week has been particularly hard on me. Living away from my family was more of an emotional strain than I ever could’ve imagined. Even though I’m living in a big city I still feel alone. Nothing compares to the company of familiarity.

I have zero practice at living away from my family as I moved straight out of home to another country. Learning to deal with the separation, not hearing their voices everyday. Only being able to talk through a phone or computer where they always sound, somewhat, robotic. It’s hard having to deal with it alone. Even though others here talk about missing their families, it’s not the same because there not missing¬†my family.¬†The challenges, though small, feel monstrous when it’s only you.


Introducing Me.

The Fam-Bam

Hello reader,

By some great stroke of luck or maybe a simple mistake you have found yourself reading my first ever blog post to the great web. And as the small spider I am, this excites me a lot. This is the post where you will be thrust into the shallow waters of me, the deeper comes later, and drowned in the basic knowledge of my being and my life.

I am currently female as I am unaware if a gender change will happen when I’m 50 or not. I was born in the hectic but oddly comforting city of Auckland in little ol’ New Zealand. My family switched up the city life for the country when I was eight and moved just out of Christchurch city where I spent the first few years battling with recently divorced parents. All struggles aside, this little spider spun her web with her mother, brother, sister and step-father and settled at a beautiful house by the beach.



– Waikuku Beach, New Zealand