In The Shark Tank

My Vegan Lifestyle, Point of View

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Dear Reader,

Ironic, I know, that a vegan would label a blog post “shark tank” as I’m obviously against animals in tanks of any kind. But it is titled this way because I’m prepared to be ripped to shreds by keyboard warriors who are determined to prove that my mental state is unstable.

Now this is not a pity post or a sympathy stir, simply an attempt to open some eyes and minds of some that always seem to be snapped shut indefinitely.

You may have guessed by now that this post has something to do with veganism. It sure does. It’s almostĀ the only thing I get enough flack for to smash out a whole blog post about. I feel the dire need to share a few things that I have been confronted with, and shut down a few comments made.


Why I Don’t Eat Dairy

My Vegan Lifestyle, Point of View

Hello reader,

I feel like i’m already throwing myself in the shark tank with this one as it’s a very controversial topic to start with. Choosing not to eat dairy. I’m not sure why it is made a big deal these days, people taking offense at others decisions. It’s difficult and frustrating to live not eating dairy when many people are so against it and openly voice that. But please hold your tongue for the remainder of this post and if you decide I’m wrong then it can be left there. I’ve made my decision and you’ll make yours.

But first I should explain why I no longer eat dairy.

Zoo’s Have No Place

Point of View

Hello reader,

As you are probably well aware, as it has been all over social media, a seventeen-year old male gorilla, Harambe, was fatally shot in a rescue attempt of a four-year old boy on Saturday 28th of May. The four- year old boy managed to climb through the barrier to the gorillas enclosure and fall twelve feet into the moat. Whilst Harambe ran over to the boy, he was not attacking him, merely standing over him and occasionally pushing him around. The response team decided it was a life-threatening situation and shot Harambe to save the boys life.