In The Shark Tank

My Vegan Lifestyle, Point of View

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Dear Reader,

Ironic, I know, that a vegan would label a blog post “shark tank” as I’m obviously against animals in tanks of any kind. But it is titled this way because I’m prepared to be ripped to shreds by keyboard warriors who are determined to prove that my mental state is unstable.

Now this is not a pity post or a sympathy stir, simply an attempt to open some eyes and minds of some that always seem to be snapped shut indefinitely.

You may have guessed by now that this post has something to do with veganism. It sure does. It’s almost¬†the only thing I get enough flack for to smash out a whole blog post about. I feel the dire need to share a few things that I have been confronted with, and shut down a few comments made.


Dear Winter,

My Vegan Lifestyle

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Dear Winter,

It’s that blissful time of year again where no one ever leaves their house and we all get vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight. It feels like it takes a century¬†for the mornings to heat up and the amount of ice related broken bones sky rocket. Yes, you’re here, well and truly. This time of year I always find myself doing the same things as last season. Here are the things that never fail every time you come around.

For three months I only use one side of my bed. Fear of hypothermia will drive a person to do crazy things. However, my plugs on one side won’t reach so the life-saving electric blanket will only work on one side. I load myself up with blankets and hope to make it through. The other side of my bed remains as cold as Antarctica and unloved for the winter months.

My tea intake increases by around 60 cups a day. That may be an exaggeration of sorts but I swear I drink so much tea that I become a liquid myself. This ranges from green tea to tea with the weirdest flavour combinations. For example, strawberry pavlova tea and orange and lime tea. This only occurs when you’re here and usually ends with me lying on the ground because I over indulged in raspberry and mint.

My fluffy sweater collection tends to go through the roof. Even though I only have enough money for a cup of soup, I always find a way to buy one more. My favourites are the knits but isn’t limited to jackets and oversized sweatshirts. Even though being inside by the fire can make me sweat profusely, I will never take them off. Sometimes I wish I could wear them all at once.

Vitamin D deficiency usually shines through this time of year as I can’t be bothered losing my toes to go outside. The lack of sunshine brings out hot food cravings and irritable personalities not to mention a good pale sheen. Regardless of the amount of odd sunny days it never seems enough to cure the deficiency.

The joy of winter every year brings out my much loved traditions and conditions but the joy always falls short at the unfulfilled promise of snow. How hard is it to produce some beautiful flecks of icy-ness? Always holding out the hope but mostly disappointed. However, the joy of my traditions never cease to make me happy.
Thank you to the colder months for giving me the chance to dress fluffy and drink tea.

Yours, with appreciation,

Why I Don’t Eat Dairy

My Vegan Lifestyle, Point of View

Hello reader,

I feel like i’m already throwing myself in the shark tank with this one as it’s a very controversial topic to start with. Choosing not to eat dairy. I’m not sure why it is made a big deal these days, people taking offense at others decisions. It’s difficult and frustrating to live not eating dairy when many people are so against it and openly voice that. But please hold your tongue for the remainder of this post and if you decide I’m wrong then it can be left there. I’ve made my decision and you’ll make yours.

But first I should explain why I no longer eat dairy.

What I Eat In A Day (Vegan)

My Vegan Lifestyle

Hello reader,

I’m about to throw at you the very delicious, incredibly simple, and cruelty free (aka vegan) food that I ate today. I will also let you in on the recipes of these foods if I can (some are top secret.)

My mornings always start with a big drink of water. After being asleep and not drinking for eight hours its important to give your body the happy wake up that it needs and get it hydrated. It helps to kick start your metabolism and get your stomach and digestive system ready for food. I keep a water bottle beside my bed so I often sip away while I’ll scroll through social media.


For the past year I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast at least three or four times a week. They are my kick start and morning energy secret. They are an excellent, healthy alternative for breakfast or snacks throughout the day. They help to keep you hydrated and the natural sugars from the fruit curb those cravings.

Here is my not-so-secret recipe

From Omnivore to Vegetarian.

My Vegan Lifestyle

Hello reader, (the featured picture is most definitely me)

I’m currently sitting in my less than sufficient kitchen with Ellie yelling odd rhyming titles for this post. So far she has Meat to Beets, Cheese to Peas and Dairy to more Care-y .

This is going to be my story from a chicken loving omnivore to a new and improved vegetarian. It’s a story with a ton of ups and downs and excitement and struggles. Maybe it’ll give some insight to those who said I was wrong.

I’ve always been an empathetic person and I adore animals. I love their intelligence, their love, their presence. Growing up, I’ve owned pet mice, fish, dogs and horses. I was always that kid to save the bird with the broken wing. At one point I wanted to be a vet. I actually cried when I was told that I couldn’t grow up and become a dolphin. My dreams were shattered. Animals are friends to me. Not like a species I look down on because they can’t build skyscrapers but like equals. They have the same rights to this planet too. But I never connected those ideas with what I was eating.


My one true love, Maggie.