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Dear Reader,

Ironic, I know, that a vegan would label a blog post “shark tank” as I’m obviously against animals in tanks of any kind. But it is titled this way because I’m prepared to be ripped to shreds by keyboard warriors who are determined to prove that my mental state is unstable.

Now this is not a pity post or a sympathy stir, simply an attempt to open some eyes and minds of some that always seem to be snapped shut indefinitely.

You may have guessed by now that this post has something to do with veganism. It sure does. It’s almost the only thing I get enough flack for to smash out a whole blog post about. I feel the dire need to share a few things that I have been confronted with, and shut down a few comments made.

Since becoming vegan I have been rewarded with being part of an amazing community, full of like minded people, who are willing to take a stand for those who can’t stand up for themselves. And those people who think vegans are weak obviously have no idea how tough it is taking a stand for something you believe in. But we don’t expect a round of applause or a golden trophy. The lives we save every day by standing true to who we are is enough for us.

However, the blatant disregard for an animals well being, that I witness everyday, always has me baffled.
At what point did we let ourselves slowly be turned into monsters? The fact that one hamburger stops one beating heart and we decided that’s okay because it tastes good? That separating of a family is justified because “I can’t live without cheese.” When did we start to value the taste of something over a life? I will not encourage a cow having to live without her child so i don’t have to live without cheese. We have become so disconnected from the reality that is an animals life, why? Because it’s easier.

Yes, my iron levels are fine as I get all the iron i need from my plants. Where do I get my protein from? The same place your “protein” gets theirs. And yes, I’ve heard plenty of times that tofu is gross but I’m pretty sure a dead body is more gross. And no, you’re not lactose intolerant, you’re just not a baby cow. Just clearing a few things up here.

Advertising can lead many people astray.
What’s the difference between the Yulin Dog festival, where countless dogs are killed every year in Asia, and Thanksgiving, where countless turkeys are killed every year all around the world? Advertising and perception. We were taught that a dog is a pet and a turkey is food and become upset when the “pet” is treated how our food is treated. The amount of people I have talked to who are so desperately upset with the Yulin festival and then sit down at dinner and eat a steak. You do realise that it is also a dead animal that was tortured and killed for consumption? But you choose to advocate for the dogs over the cows? What is the difference? Both lived, both were tortured, both were killed, both were eaten. Why choose to save only one?


“Because we have always eaten cows for as long as we have lived. Don’t force your choices on us.”

Yes, does that justify someone saying “My grandfather hit his kids, my dad hit his kids, so I will hit my kids.” Just because we have been doing it for years does not mean it’s right in any way. And you ask for me to not force my choices on you? What about you forcing your choices on animals? By choosing to eat meat, you are giving the animal no choice despite its will to live. Your diet choices are forced onto them and they die from it.

It’s speciesism: the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.
The belief that humans are superior and animals are here for us to use and abuse as we please. We think it’s okay to capture and trap marine animals in tanks to perform for our pleasure. Make elephants and tigers do tricks to earn us money. It feels like nothing in this world is free. Yourself included. I believe in equality. We are all entitled to a free life, animals too.


It’s hard to hear so many people saying “I love animals!” or “I’m against animal cruelty” when every time they go to the supermarket they are paying companies to inflict pain and suffering on their “food.” Because when it’s one person hurting animals it’s considered animal cruelty, but when it is multiple people hurting multiple animals, especially if there’s money involved, it’s considered a business.
I do not believe that you can be a true animal lover whilst eating meat every night. Just because you, yourself, doesn’t hurt the animals, paying a company to do it doesn’t make you cruelty free.

By being vegan I choose to not support ANY industry that condones or partakes in animal cruelty. When I can lead a healthy lifestyle without putting innocent animals through suffering, it’s an easy choice. I love all animals and will continue to be a voice for the voiceless regardless of whether I have support in it or not. Because veganism is this crazy idea to defend the defenseless, right?

Yes, I will be put down, told I’m wrong, accused of forcing my beliefs down your throat, and have eating meat recommended to me because I will “become unwell.” It’s a struggle and a half but I don’t want your sympathy vote. Send that to the animals that I’m standing up for. The ones who can’t tell you it hurts, can’t ask you to stop, can’t write a blog post with their opinions on it. Send it to the ones who don’t have a voice.

I’m here, writing this post, soon to be devoured by sharks as my brutal honesty offends many, but not regretting a thing because when people ask me “Is being vegan hard?” I simply state.
“Being vegan isn’t hard. It’s the standing up for what I believe in that is because I am constantly surrounded by people who are actively working against the very cause I support. The hardest part is that I can’t force people to care.”



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