Why I Don’t Eat Dairy

My Vegan Lifestyle, Point of View

Hello reader,

I feel like i’m already throwing myself in the shark tank with this one as it’s a very controversial topic to start with. Choosing not to eat dairy. I’m not sure why it is made a big deal these days, people taking offense at others decisions. It’s difficult and frustrating to live not eating dairy when many people are so against it and openly voice that. But please hold your tongue for the remainder of this post and if you decide I’m wrong then it can be left there. I’ve made my decision and you’ll make yours.

But first I should explain why I no longer eat dairy.

Dairy isn’t an effective way to protect your bones.

This goes against everything we have been taught our whole lives. Drink milk, get strong. But that isn’t quite the case. Be patient with me.
It is true that we need calcium for the health of our bones. But the correct way to get this isn’t through dairy. Dairy products have a high acidity level. Our kidneys cannot handle high levels of acidity so when we eat dairy our body needs a way to protect the kidneys. Calcium is very alkaline so our body leach’s calcium from our bones in a desperate attempt to protect our kidneys and urinary tract from high acidity. Our bodies are built to survive therefore they sacrifice bone density for kidney function as the latter is more important.
Also eating too much animal protein can cause osteoporosis, where your bones become very weak and brittle. Calcium is also leached to digest the animal protein found in meat and milk. Therefore a lot of the calcium you eat from a dairy source is being excreted from the body.
Studies show the countries that have the highest dairy intakes also result in the highest osteoporosis statistics (USA, Finland, Sweden, UK) And the countries with the lowest fracture rates have the lowest dairy consumption. The scientific connection between calcium and bone health is strong but the scientific connection between dairy and bone health is almost non-existent. Scientists recommend vitamin D and exercise are more proven ways to strengthen bones.
However, calcium can be found in many fruits and vegetables and is a much safer way to get the calcium intake that you need. Kale offers a huge amount of easily absorbed calcium as well as broccoli and spinach. One cup of kale equals the same amount of calcium in one cup of milk. Switching to other milk alternatives such as soy or almond milk can solve the milk-less problem as well as still providing you with calcium. There are many better ways to get a good amount of calcium than to eat dairy without sacrificing your bones.
To read an interesting article to read on the subject click here.


Cow’s milk was meant for baby cows.

We are the ONLY other species on the entire planet to drink ANOTHER SPECIES milk once we have been weened off our own. Milk that was designed for their young because cow’s milk is tailor-made to grow a baby cow. I decided to take a look at the structure of nature and take advice from the animals that aren’t corrupted by money, greed or a business they’ve got to run. No other animals drinks another species milk and they do just fine. The only reason we drink milk from another animal is because some people saw a massive opportunity enslaving cows for their milk, for free, and tried desperately to get people to believe it was good for them. It became threaded into our everyday culture to drink dairy. And suddenly it was something we couldn’t live without. Now here we are today giving money to multi-billion dollar companies and believing what were getting is good for us. The facts dispute that.

15-30% of New Zealander’s are lactose intolerant and 75% of the world’s population can’t digest dairy! This means are bodies are STRUGGLING to digest cow’s milk. At what point did we decide to ignore what our bodies are so blatantly screaming at us? The human digestive system was not made to cope with digesting cows milk hence lactose intolerance. I know many people who have said “I’m gonna feel sick after this but I just love cheese!” Your body is trying to tell you that something isn’t right and you’re ignoring it for taste?
This is very typical in America and on occasion in New Zealand.
The majority of humans stop producing significant amounts of lactase between the ages two and five. Lactase is an enzyme needed to properly metabolize lactose, the sugar in milk. This is when children are supposed to be weened off their mother’s milk. It’s another sign our body is giving to show us that we are not built to drink milk after a young age. Let alone drink milk that isn’t from our mother.


Dairy contributes to acne.

This one isn’t such a dramatic reason but my skin really suffers when I eat dairy. I breakout and get big, red pimples on my chin and forehead. I once ate dairy free for a week and my skin cleared up dramatically. All my redness reduced and my skin cleared up, even my old pimple scars. It made me feel one hundred times better. I didn’t feel gluggy after eating meals and I had more energy than before. It made the choice pretty simple for me. It mustn’t be good for you if you feel like crap when your eating it.

I don’t believe in using animals to get something I can live without.

I don’t believe in stealing babies away from mothers so they can keep producing a product that isn’t even good for us. Where is the sense in that? I weighed up all the options and did a massive amount of research till I came to the conclusion that I don’t even NEED dairy. There is nothing dairy gives us that plants cannot provide. There is no need for me to partake in this production. When people question me I explain that it’s all about love and compassion for all animals. Justifying a wrong with a sensory pleasure isn’t an excuse for me anymore. That ‘s like saying “Rape is okay because it feels good for the rapist.” It’s the same idea as “I know were using cow’s as machines for a simple product but I just love chocolate milk too much.”
We are a more intelligent species than that. I hope.


I believe that were all equals on this planet and the animals here have as much right to a free life as we do. The greed of our society overshadows animal rights. While most New Zealand dairy farms are not blatantly attacking or torturing their cows, I don’t believe in the moral standings of the business, or lack of them. We steal babies away from their mothers at birth so we can enrich our own lives. I once heard someone say “It’s okay because they get used to it. By their fourth birth they just walk away from their calf.” At what point did we decide that was right or humane? We teach cows to go against their maternal instincts year after year. And the bobby calves that are born? Killed. Again for us. The greed in this world will be the death of us.


There is no difference

Some people will dispute all of this. I’ll just say I believe everyone should know where their food comes from and what the process is for it to end up on your plate or in your glass. Everyone has the right to know the health risks of your food. And then, after researching all of that, you can choose to live the way you want to, however that may be.

We all have a chance to vote for what we want in this world, vote who we want to govern, chose to who we give our money. People don’t know that what we eat is a vote too, to choose which corporations we want to support.
I  choose to also vote with my knife and fork.



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