Introducing Me.

The Fam-Bam

Hello reader,

By some great stroke of luck or maybe a simple mistake you have found yourself reading my first ever blog post to the great web. And as the small spider I am, this excites me a lot. This is the post where you will be thrust into the shallow waters of me, the deeper comes later, and drowned in the basic knowledge of my being and my life.

I am currently female as I am unaware if a gender change will happen when I’m 50 or not. I was born in the hectic but oddly comforting city of Auckland in little ol’ New Zealand. My family switched up the city life for the country when I was eight and moved just out of Christchurch city where I spent the first few years battling with recently divorced parents. All struggles aside, this little spider spun her web with her mother, brother, sister and step-father and settled at a beautiful house by the beach.



– Waikuku Beach, New Zealand

My spidey clan are my best friends I didn’t have to choose. My mother, Rowena, is the strongest person I know. Like Mike Tyson and John Cena mixed together. But like all great fighters, she knows how to be vulnerable too and from that she taught me strength. She’s always saying “Think of it like a doughnut. You’ve got to focus on the actual doughnut and not the hole.” It’s like a glass half empty half full quote. It’s a little odd but that’s pretty much her too. In case you need definite proof that someone this cool is actually real, here you go:



Mother and I


My freakishly tall brother, Fazakerley (yes that’s his actual name) is responsible for most of my near concussions and almost severe injuries. He’s two years older than me and is always around for some rib crushing hugs when needed. If you ever need your back cracked he’s your guy. I have huge faith that he’ll be something greater than even he expects and will hook you all up with a sky-dive when he finishes training. Bags the first one though. To prove his height:



Pronounced: Fa-zack-er-lee


Whitney is nothing short of everything. She is my soul sister, my laugh till we cry sister and, most importantly, sing fantastic duets in the car together sister. At only two years younger, and probably only five feet tall, she is the best mudscup out (private joke). She has more worth than I will ever be able to tell her and more beauty than I could ever make her believe. With the same amount of bravery as Robin Hood’s band of thieves, I present:



Some people think we’re twins…


This brings me now to the man of the house who is as equally a child. My step-father Brent, who has basically earned the title of father-father in my eyes. The master of voice impressions and the believer of “If you can read, you can cook”, he has always been a massive support in my life. I would say he’s a rock but I think he’s hitting boulder status by now. I could never thank him enough for taking on three extra kids and ever changing his traditional recipes to make vegetarian versions for me. The man with the biggest heart and the most gratitude from me:



Brent marrying my mother, September 20th, 2013


Not a sister by blood but a sister all the same, Milly has been a great bud to me over the years. From giving my first sip of alcohol to allowing me to film her wedding I am truly grateful to have a role model like her. Thank you for allowing us to share your father and also thank you for marrying James cause we like him too. Beautiful inside and out, I introduce:



From left clockwise: Mother, Sister, Me, Brother, Step-Father, Milly, James.


My most ever present friend is my adored Nana Jude (just “Nana” is not allowed in her books!) She has taught me to be kind, be wise and be gracious. From her famous strawberry ice cream to her waving with her feet too, I am so grateful to have someone so loving in my life. Proof that she’s still kicking:



Nana Jude and I


I think I have now sufficiently drowned you in the basics of my family. As you flail around in the shallow waters ill throw a few bucket loads of myself.

I am now 18 and have recently spun a new web in the city of Brisbane, Australia with my best friend Ellie. I decided to move here because I’m going through that typical teenage time of feeling lost in life with no purpose and wanted a bit of new perspective. I have no idea what i want to do for my long term life. I would love to volunteer in third world countries and specialise in disaster relief but that doesn’t exactly pay the bills.

I’m compassionate and sympathetic hence why I’ve been vegetarian for a year and going on vegan now. I care immensely for the animals of this world and the people too which is why I wold never discriminate against anyone nor would I kill an animal to sustain my own life. I’m very accepting and loyal although I haven’t trapped any Aussie spiders in my web yet. I guess i’ll wait and see.

It’s been a huge change moving away from my family and I’m sure future posts will consist of the ups and downs and the confusions of my brain. I’m excited to see what they will hold.

I’m sipping my green tea from my favourite mug and I can hear my best friend coughing in the next room because we’re both sick. My eyelids are doing that horrible dropping thing when you get tired and I’m trying not to fall asleep. I’m missing my family back home but I’m excited for tomorrow’s expeditions. Thank you for momentarily drowning in me.


I should probably end this with something smart and catchy like xoxo Gossip Girl or Be Kind To One Another but falling short of a great idea,

Goodnight reader.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Me.

  1. So proud of you Sig. Flying the nest and leaving the comforts of home where there’s free food and heating is scary enough, let alone moving to another country! You will go on to do great things I have no doubt about that! You’ll make a lasting impression on the world saving one animal at a time! (Even if certain people don’t completely agree or understand why because “bacon is life”) I am also super proud of you for getting amongst our lifestyle in the dairy industry, I know it goes against every instinct you have of saving the animals. But Im glad you got to see first hand our way of farming is absolutely nothing like what is portrayed on the news (I’m sure 99.9% of the other dairy farmers will agree). We (like you) love and care for animals, we give our cows the utmost respect and love (and cuddles) they deserve. Farming is the back bone of New Zealand and with out it New Zealand would be stuffed. Farmers farm because they love animals, even in the down turn of the dairy industry where they’re working for love and getting into debt everyday, they love it, that’s why they do it. I hope you will still come and visit us when you are home and chuck a few cups on some cows with us again! In our matching Santa onesies! 🙊 All the best with your venture, I look forward to reading your blogs in the future! Love you and miss you heaps my sister from another mister! Xx


    1. Awh that was so sweet for you to wrote all of that Milly!! Thank you so much for being a constant support for me, I’m so thankful! I can’t wait to see you guys and have you living so close although 104 and the girls will be sadly missed and I know will miss you guys too! Lots and lots of love to you both, I miss you xxxxxxx


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