take a breath

you are valued here

i welcome you with an open heart and an open mind. Follow my journey of healing, growth, adventure and self exploration through my vegan lifestyle, holistic healing and positive energy.

the depths of me

i went vegan in July 2016 after a year and a half of being vegetarian. i connected myself with my compassionate side and let that lead my life. i hold close the people who share their love and life with me, i strive for my own personal growth and embrace the world with genuine love. there is no one template in which we should live our lives. we are all free souls in search of something and i thank you for visiting me along the way.
i wrestle with anxiety but have learnt to make friends with my enemy. i have a holistic heart and advocate for the sentient beings on this planet.
my heart is crossed with hers and i am emerged in the LGBTQ community.
there are many things i am yet to master but are most definitely present in my mind; minimalism, meditation, zero waste and organic living.

i have taken to showing the world my experiences, hoping someone else can take something away from them.

youtube: brighteyedsig

instagram: brighteyedsig

bear in mind, we are all learning, evolving and changing our shape. empower yourself. empower others.



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