Welcome to my blog!
Whether you’re a stranger or a friend, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and recipes.
My name is Sigourney and I’m nineteen from New Zealand.
I live in shaky Christchurch with my girlfriend and lead a vegan lifestyle.



Since finding veganism about a year ago I’ve completely transformed. I love all things natural, ethical and plant-based and have a passion forΒ cooking and creating and love finding new ways to be sustainable.
I have love for the country and the ocean and nothing calms me more than the smell of salt water and the feel of sand on my feet.
I live and breath all things vegan. It allows me to embrace people, animals and the planet with true, genuine love. It has pushed me to understand my food and always look deeper.
I work at a hospital in town and play netball on my days off. Food and photography are my passion which goes hand in hand with creating a blog.


In May 2015, I made the decision to go vegetarian. It stemmed from months of research and educating my self on how an omnivore diet was killing the planet and the people on it. So I made the switch. I loved being vegetarian and it made so much sense to me.
A year later, I did a small stint in Brisbane in May 2016 and during that time I transitioned to vegan. It was incredibly easy as I had to buy all of my own food. And from there on I fell in love with the vegan diet.
I’ve been vegan for a year now however I got lazy with the diet and started to delve into more packaged, processed and unhealthy foods. Currently, I’m working on getting back to my plant-based roots and leading a more healthy lifestyle.
Read more about my initial journey to vegetarian in my blog postΒ here.


Be kind! Kindness comes in many different forms but mine is in my vegan lifestyle. Through this lifestyle I can show kindness to everybody and all beings no matter what. All beings deserve love and compassion and through my vegan lifestyle it teaches love and acceptance to all. I can showΒ true, genuine love.
It doesn’t take a big effort to be kind and I truly believe the world could drastically change if everyone took on that mindset. I’m a massive advocate for change within this world. A change of mindset towards those who are perceivedΒ as different or not normal. If everybody opened their hearts to the beings we share this planet with then the world would be an exceptional place.

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